SalesHood Release – October 2019

Welcome to the October Release! This release we focused on our backend and various feature improvements to streamline workflows.



Uploading ppt/x files as slides

We are improving our functionality around uploading and slides. Now you can upload multiple files are once, including ppt/x file types.

Once the slides (from a file or ppt/x) are uploaded, they will be converted into images for you to use throughout the huddle.

You will be notified when the files/slides are uploaded successfully then they can be re-ordered and/or removed. If a file/slides are not uploaded successfully, you will be given the opportunity to retry as well as notified.

Have an existing powerpoint deck within SalesHood you want to upload? Select “Library” from ways to upload after “Add slides” or “Upload” modal then you will see:

By default you will see all powerpoint decks in your instance by name, size, and when it was created. Search to narrow down what you are looking for example “Sales”. Then select the deck you want, it will upload automatically.

You can use this function anywhere it says “Upload” or “Add Slides” and accepts files/slides.

User Management

We improved how you remove users from Groups, before when selecintg “Remove Group” from the “Actions” section in Manage Users it would display all groups the user is in.

Now, “Remove Group” will follow the same process as “Add to Group”. When you select a list of people to remove from a group, if all users are within the same group(s) “Remove from Group” will display in “Actions”.

APIs Improvements

We expanded our APIs with the existing version to allow more possibilities for your BI tools, here are some updates:

1. Overall completion of programs: Yes or No
a. Yes = 100% completion of program(s) for all participating users
b. No = less than 100% completion of program(s) for all participating users

2. Total views for the program(s)

3. Participant completion of users by program

To learn more about our APIs go here.


This release focused on improving our app’s performance and preparing for upcoming UI changes.

Q4 is going to be a busy quarter as we focus on improving huddles, supporting different content types, expanding transcription, and more.

If you have any questions or feature requests please email

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