SalesHood Release – September 2019

Welcome to the September Release! This release we focused on improving various areas of the platform for better UI/UX and expanding the possibilities for publishers/reps.


This release on web we focused on improving huddles, pitch modules, and content creation so it’s easier for publishers to create/manage their programs.

Universal Content Creator

The Universal Content Creator is aimed to give managers, publishers, and coaches a one-stop-shop for all things content creation. By selecting the + icon next to your notifications you will see a dropdown of everything you have permission to create/add.

No longer do you need to enter the Library, Huddle Publisher, or Paths page to create programs or add new content into your library.

Deal Win/Story Recorder on Web

On mobile, we have the ability for anyone to record a Deal Win or Story that shares to everyone in your company. This release that functionality is coming to Web! This includes the ability to screen record for a Deal Win or Story as well.

To get started, click on the + icon in next the hamburger menu and select “Deal Win” or “Story” which will open a modal.

Deal Win

To submit a Deal Win, you can either record or upload. If you choose to record, there are 3 options: camera, screen, overlay (camera + screen). Once the option is selected you will be presented with a video screen and deal win slides.

Please note that with this release the Deal Win slides will not be visible within the video, like on mobile.

After recording or uploading your Deal Win, you will be prompted with a modal asking for title and thumbnail (both are optional) as the video is being processed. Once processing is complete, you are done! A notification is sent when the video is ready.


To submit a “Story”, from the + icon select “Story” then choose either record or upload. Instead of seeing slides, you will only see the video section of the modal. After recording or uploading your Story, you will follow the same steps as above.

Huddle Improvements

Pitch Module Description

You can now add instructions and supporting documents for your reps before they start recording a demo, pitch, or etc. Within the Pitch Module of a Huddle, we add the following new fields:

  1. Title: Name of the section (e.g. Demo or Practice or Pitch)
  2. Description: information you want reps to be aware of (e.g. instructions or key points)
  3. Supporting documents: Add any file you want reps to use in the module

All of the fields are optional, if none of the fields are filled in, the “Instructions” section will be hidden. Also, once a rep uploads to the module, it will auto-direct them to the video to reduce action by the reviewer. Lastly, all of these fields can be updated at any time, even after a huddle is published.

Here is the published view:

When viewing the instructions, the user can see the title you gave it “Demo Practice”, the description, any supporting documents, and a breakdown of the scorecard (if any). The user can click on “Record Video/Screen” to jump right into recording or “Upload Pitch” to jump right into uploading. If they are recording and switch back to instructions, it will continue recording with a message saying “Recording in progress”.

Select existing videos into a huddle

Have a video in your SalesHood library that would be great for a huddle? Now you can add existing videos directly into a video module, Path Start Here, and pitch module.

Simply select the “From Library” button (within Upload modals) then the “Video” tab. Search by title to find the video you want to add.

Team Dashboard Improvements

UI improvements for email modal

The last release we focused on allowing managers to see and take action on completion of their teams within programs. We improved the experience for taking action by redesigning and adding more information when sending an email from the Team Dashboard.

Now when you send an email, we display who:

We also confirm to you that the email is sent, to avoid any confusion if the reps have received it.

And more!

We also improved the dashboard with the following:

  1. Open a new tab after selecting a program
  2. Adding “View Huddle/Path” from the programs widget, so you do not have to enter the modal to enter the huddle/path.
  3. Show completed checkbox: Your teams, groups, and users are actively going through a lot of programs. We moved all the completed programs by default from the programs widget so you only see active. Select the “Show Completed” checkbox to see only completed programs.



We added “Groups” into the Manage Users page, so its easier to see all groups a user is in within your instance. Also, when you export a list of users from the Manage Users page it will contain all groups each user is in.

Old Pitches

As a coach viewing a Path, if it contains old pitches, a badge will appear that announces where that old pitch is located. This will make it easier for you to find and convert old pitches to pitch modules.


New Story: Employee Recognition

Have a new employee starting in your company or team? Want to congratulate an employee for a stellar quarter? We added a new Story type on mobile that allows anyone to give recognition for employees throughout the company. Give it a try!



This release we worked a lot in the backend with the goal to make the app more responsive and faster when in spotty internet or large programs.

Pitch Description

Added the title, description, and supporting documents for pitch modules that are created via web unpublished huddle.

Automatic Slides for Videos

We improve video modules with slides on mobile, so now the slides will automatically update as the video is being played.

Thank you for taking the time reviewing the release notes, we are working hard behind the scenes building new UI/UX experiences for everyone to enjoy. Stay tuned because you won’t want to miss it.

If you have any questions, suggestions, issues, or want to talk email

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