SalesHood Release – August 2019

Welcome to the August release! This release we focused on managers, expanding video capabilities, team dashboard, and general improvements.


Screen Recording

Its here! And its only the beginning. Our goal is to make it easier for reps, managers, and coaches to add content wherever they are within SalesHood. This release our biggest feature is screen recording within all previous video recording areas (Pitch Module, Learning Path Overview, Unpublished Video Module).

Now you will see an updated option “Record Video/Screen” which will open the recorder in-line. Be sure to allow both microphone and video for your browser! If you think these are disabled go here for Chrome.

After selecting “Record Video/Screen” you should now see yourself. Below the video window is “Camera”, “Screen”, and “Overlay”.

  1. Camera (default) – will just record yourself without screen recording
  2. Screen – will just record your screen
  3. Overlay – will record you and your screen

Once you select “Screen” or “Overlay”, a pop-up will appear (may look different based on your browser) to select where you like to screen record. You have 3 options: Your Entire Screen, Application Window, Tabs.

Your Entire Screen will screen record everything you can see on your screen.

Application Window will only record the window you select.

Tabs will record a specific tab in your browser. Once you select where you want to screen record, click on “Share”.

After “Share” select the record button to start the 3-second countdown then you will begin recording. Remember, if you select Tabs or Application Window it will only record those areas so you will need to move to that location to continue.

To stop sharing at any time, select “Stop Sharing” at the bottom of your screen. Once selected, your screen recorded video will be ready for review within the SalesHood.

Note: Screen Recording is only available for modern browsers (Chrome, FireFox) that have the latest version.

Team Dashboard Improvements

One of our goals at SalesHood is to make it easy for managers to run, manage, and review programs they launch for their teams. This release we improved our Team Dashboard to include details and actions managers need to run a successful/effective program.

When viewing the dashboard, now you can select any program from the “Programs” widget to open:

In this modal, you can see each participating user with a breakdown of their completion by module (or huddle if viewing a path). Including, overall completion per user and per module (or huddle if viewing a path).

You can do several things like email specific participants, sort by complete or incomplete participants, email the entire team or group, download as csv, schedule huddles for an individual or group, and more.

Huddle Improvements

Huddle Publisher

We improved the huddle publisher to make it easier to find the unpublished huddles you want to review.

Now you can search, filter by huddle type, and display as list view to find or organize unpublished huddles. When in list view, you can see more information like “Last Modified” and “Created On” to see which huddles could be updated or removed from the instance.

You can also tap on the header of each column in list view to sort that column by ascending or descending. There’s more! By selecting the ellipses at the right of each row or by hovering above a huddle in thumbnail view, you can directly publish the huddle.

Slides for Pitch Module

Have a slide deck you want reps to practice on? Want to introduce new features and ensure everyone is aligned? Have a methodology or skill you want managers to be trained on?

Now you can add slides directly into the pitch module, allowing all those use cases and more! Slides can be added by selecting the “Add Slides” button, you can add an image (png or jpg) or zip files.

You can remove slides by selecting the trash icon when hovering over them and re-order by dragging them into the correct spot.

Slides will appear next to the recording area of the pitch module.

Select Pitch Module in Overview

Running multiple pitches within a huddle? Now its easier to go directly to a user’s pitch from the overview page. Simply find the user in the overview leaderboard then select the score or completion % then it will automatically take you to that user’s pitch.

If there is more than 1 pitch, a dropdown will appear with the option for which pitch you want to view including the score of each pitch (if scored).

Performance Analytics Updates

This release focused on improving various attributes within our analytics tool.

  1. Report on “Host” for a program (huddle, old pitch, path)
  2. Completion for external events/links in a path
  3. Which files are bookmarked and by who (user, team, segment, group)
  4. More sources for where a file is viewed

Have something you want to report on in analytics? Email us at

General Improvements

Auto-Add Coaches to Newly Created Partner Instances

With our Partner Instances functionality, now when new instances are created, the creator will automatically become a coach in that instance. Simply find the new instance under your profile image.


Search Improvements

Recently Visited

Now you can see a list of recently visited programs and/or files you accessed. This syncs with web, so if you want to return to training on mobile it will appear at the top if visited on the web.

Suggested Search Results

We know display recommended items within the search page based on what you are typing in.

View All in Library

Not sure what you are looking for? Now you can select “View All in the Library” to open a list of all content within your instance by created date.

Other Improvements

Add/Remove Bookmarks

Found something interesting on mobile and want to bookmark? Or want to remove an old bookmark? Now you can do so by tapping on the bookmark icon within the “Bookmarks” tab. Also, anywhere you see the icon, tap it to add it back to your “Bookmarks” tab.

Comment Notifications

We introduced a new notification that updates you when someone has responded to your comment, so its easier to review directly from your mobile device.

Want this off? Go to “Settings” underneath the hamburger menu on the web then toggle off “Standard/Coaching comment” for the mobile column.

Stay tuned for even larger changes in the coming months as we focus on making huddles more versatile and start redesigning our platform.

If you have any questions, feature suggestions, or interested to learn more please email Thanks!

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