SalesHood Release – July 2019

Welcome to the July release! This release we focused on managers, user management, and huddle creation improvements.


Azure Active Directory User Provisioning

It can take a lot of time to manually update the ever-changing user details in your company like title and teams. We sought to rid of that process by including Azure Active Directory as an available tool to provision users automatically into your SalesHood instance.

Here is the documentation you will need to get started:

What will Azure Active Directory do?

Once users are set permission to access SalesHood from your Active Directory, the following can be provisioned:

  1. Add new users
  2. Modify users (edit name, title, manager/team)
  3. Remove users

Don’t use Active Directory? Contact support and we can look into officially supporting your tool.

Team Dashboard

Managers are key to having an effective sales enablement ecosystem in your company. We want to make it easier for Managers throughout your company to interact with programs their team(s) are in. The improved dashboard now shows which programs your team or group is assigned to with shortcut actions in the dashboard.

We also improved the individual dashboard to follow similar designs as the team dashboard, allowing more detail on programs.

When hovering a program, select the ellipses to see shortcut options you can take for that program. Options vary on your role in the instance, but expect more options to come soon.

Huddle Improvements

Record For Video Modules

We added the ability to record a video from the unpublished state of a video module, so you no longer need to record outside of SalesHood then upload for any video modules.

Once a video is recorded or uploaded, you can delete, download, and watch full screen by hovering in the video and selecting the representing icon.

Selecting who to email

Want to congratulate those who have completed a huddle? Or push those who are lagging behind? Now you can select between “All”, “Completed”, and “Incompleted” participants when sending an email from a huddle or path.

Select which participant type you would like to send from the “Email Team” modal on the “Start Here” page of a path or “Email Participants” from the “Overview” page of a huddle to begin.

Other Improvements

Download Videos

Now you can directly download the videos of video modules from the unpublished and published state of a huddle. To do so, simply hover on the video then select the download icon in the top right.

Move Modules

We also improved how you move new/old modules around in a huddle. Before, it took at least 10 steps to move 1 module from the end to the front of a 5 sized module huddle. Now, it will only take 2 steps!

To move a module, select the gear icon on the top right of the module then hover on “Move Module” then select the position you want it to be placed.

It will not show the current position the selected module is in, so no problem in getting stuck.

Manage Users Page Improvements

We improved the performance of the Manage Users page so wait times are shorter when loading several hundred users at once.

Other Improvements

Switching Instances

We improved how you switch instances, before you would see a 403 error when trying to access another instance not currently logged into. This caused confusion and extra steps on the user to get around the 403 error.

Now you can click any link and we will check if you have access then login you in automatically to that link.

On this page, you see the instance you are logging into, url, and options to prevent the redirect (before 3 seconds are over).

Handling unknown video types

We updated our video service logic to support video types which cannot be transcoded. This should reduce the amount of times users face “Processing failed” or “Transcoded failed” errors after a video is uploaded.

GoodData Updates

This release we focused on fixing bugs and improving the logic of some queries so things should run smoother.


This release for mobile, we solely focused on stability and backend improvements to enhance UX for all users. Stay tuned next upcoming sprints for more features.

Thanks for taking the time in reviewing the release notes! If you have any questions or want to share feedback please email

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