SalesHood Release – June 2019

Welcome to the June Release, this time we focused on improving our homepage and library so the most impactful content is easier to review and stay in arms reach. Let’s get started!



With this release the “Pitches” tab in the navigation bar will be removed, including the ability to:

  • Clone Pitches
  • Add Existing Pitches to Learning Paths
  • Clone Learning Paths with Pitches

Learn more here:

All Pitches are in your library under the “Pitches” category or the category they were previously assigned. Also, you will be informed within the Learning Paths “Start Here” page if it cannot be cloned due to Pitches belonging in them.

Homepage Improvements

Introducing “MyHood” on your homepage, replacing “ToDo”. This re-imagined central place on your homepage is focused on displaying the items your reps need to get done and what they want to save.

With the new “Bookmarking” functionality found throughout the platform, you can bookmark essentially anything to your homepage for later use. For example, have a competitor category you use often for deals? Bookmark it to your homepage so you can easily access and no longer search or peck through the library. To do this go to any huddle, file, or category within the library and select the bookmark icon:

That’s it! The content will now appear in your “MyHood”. Just select the icon again to remove it.

Library/Search Improvements

Filters in the Library 

Looking for content from a specific Sales Stage or against a specific Competitor, but don’t know the name or type of content? With Filters in the library, you can now narrow down content by the tags setup within your instance.

First select the “Filters” button then from the dropdown select the tags you would like to select.

To remove a tag from the filter, select the “X” on the tag. Once a tag is put into place, it will display all relevant content based on the tag selection throughout the library, and will save that state. Thus, you can leave the library then return to see the same state again without any work.

Source of file

When viewing a category or file, you can now see where that file is from if integrated via 3rd party like GDrive or SharePoint. Works the same in list view.

View All Files

Looking for something but not quite sure where or how to start? You can now see all pieces of content, ordered by created date, with the new option “View All Files”.

You can also select the “View all content in library” in the search dropdown to enter the search results page.

Within the search results page, you can add filters and more to narrow down what you are looking for.

Huddle Improvements

Artwork Customizer

You can now do more with the artwork of a huddle! Selecting “Company Logo” now defaults to your company logo supplied by the instance brander.

You can also position the custom “Title” of your artwork to assist with the design.

Manage Users Improvements

We are expanding on our new Groups functionality by allowing users to be added directly into groups via the “Import” and “Text” options for adding users.

Note: You can only add one group per user at a time.



If you bookmarked anything on web, it will also appear on your homepage on mobile for easy access.

General Improvements

  1. When you watch a video on mobile, it will now remember where you left and return you there so you no longer need to scrub through the previously watched video.
  2. Did you complete or want to remove a particular notification? Now you can individually remove notifications by swiping left and tapping “Remove”.

Have questions or feature requests? Send them over to Have a great day!

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