SalesHood Release – May 2019

Welcome to the May Release! This month we focused on improving our library and customer requests straight from your feedback.


Library Improvements

Pitches in the Library

As part of the rollout plan for Pitch Modules in Huddles, the old Pitches are now visible within the library. They can be viewed by going into your Library and selecting the new “Pitches” category or entering a category with assigned old pitches. If the old Pitches were not assigned a category they will appear in the “Pitches” category.

The Pitches category is available for everyone and can be modified or updated like any other category in your library. Old Pitches can also be moved to other categories, deleted, or Copied to Partner instances.

Pitches category

Custom Artwork for Library Categories

You can now update the artwork for all categories that are in the library, including default SalesHood, Premium Content, and STC categories.

To update the categories artwork, go to the list or thumbnail view of the library and select the (…) ellipses then “Edit”. Here you can upload an image file to display for the category in your instance.

Add artwork to category

Edit and Delete File Comments

Ever post a comment and misspell or misspoke? Now you can change it with the ability to edit and delete comments you made within files throughout the platform. As a coach, you will also be able to delete any of the comments.

To edit or delete a file comment, select the (…) ellipses to the right of the comment then select the action. If the file supports ratings, those can also be modified when selecting “Edit”.

Edit a comment

Update Library URL

We updated the library’s url to /library from /huddles. You will not see any other change, including all old url’s will continue to work though redirected to /library.

Customer Requests

Improved API

We updated our User APIs to show Test Scores (per test) and Video Completion (overall to the huddle). If you have integrated with our User APIs please contact for the updated documentation.

If you are interested in connecting with our User APIs please email

Updated Unpublished Page

Have you ever attempted to access a huddle and a page with a “403” error message appears? Most typically that’s due to the huddle being in unpublished mode. To help avoid that confusion, we improved that 403 page with more information to show why it cannot be accessed.

Dismiss All for Coaching Activities

Have a lot of old Coaching Activities that is distracting you from completing new ones? Now you can dismiss all coaching activities to have a fresh empty list for all new activities to appear.

If you do dismiss your Coaching Activities, they will not appear in completed.

Dismiss All for Coaching Activities

Coach and Host can see tests

If you are a Coach or Host of a scheduled huddle, now you can see the full test in the huddle event though it might have prerequisites.


Dismiss All for Coaching Activities

Similar to the “Dismiss All” on web, this will allow you to remove unwanted or old Coaching Activities from the list. Please note that dismissing will not place them within the “Completed” list. Once this action is done it cannot be undone.

To dismiss, go to the “Coaching Activities” tab and on the top right select “Dismiss All” then “Accept”.

Ability to @Mention

Want to share something you think another user is interested in? You can now @mention anyone within the instance by going into a comment field and typing @ then the intended user’s name. You can mention as many users you want at once.

Once someone is mentioned, they will receive an email and push notification that directs them to that mentioned location. Please note you can manage your notifications within your Notification Manager.

Thank you for looking through the release notes! If you have any questions, comments, feature suggestions, or want to say Hi please email We are happy to help!

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