SalesHood Release – March 2019

Welcome to our March release! We have a very exciting suite of features we’re releasing this month, read on to find out what’s new!

SalesHood Analytics

With this release Coaches will now have access to our brand new SalesHood Analytics suite! Upon accessing the Reports tab from the top nav, you will now see two additional reporting options: The Reports Builder and the KPI Dashboard.

The Reports Builder

The SalesHood Reports Builder allows you to create custom reports using all of the Attributes and Measures captured in SalesHood. You are no longer confined to the stock reports we provide – customize your reports to suit your use cases and create rich visualizations to pull insights from your data.

We also provide a set of stock reports for you out of the box. These reports provide both a starting point from which you can explore your data as well as templates you can modify to your needs.

Check out these Knowledge Base Articles to learn more about the SalesHood Reports Builder:

The KPI Dashboard

The SalesHood KPI Dashboard is the place for you to save reports and visualizations you’ve created in the Reports Builder. Create dashboards specific to particular use cases or sets of related reports.

We also include a set of stock dashboards available out of the box: the Enablement Review Dashboard, the Content Management Dashboard, and the Manager Coaching Dashboard.

Check out these Knowledge Base Articles to learn more about the SalesHood KPI Dashboard:


Groups are a flexible way for you to manage users in SalesHood. Groups are similar to Segment and Team, but a user can be a member of any number of groups. Because of this, you can use groups in ways that match your organizational structure, such as creating nested organizational hierarchies or matrix reporting structures, or as ad hoc or temporary ways to group users, such as onboarding cohorts or project teams.

You can create and manage groups via Manage Users in the hamburger menu:

To learn more about Groups please see our in-depth Article on this functionality

Files in Learning Paths

You’re now able to add files to Learning Paths; supplement Huddles and External Events with documentation to expand and reinforce learning.

When populating a Learning Path with content, you’ll now see you have the ability to add a File:

Note: Files are meant to supplement Learning Paths only – files have no effect on Learning Path Completion or any other metrics.

Odds and Ends

Pitch Creation Phase Out

Starting on March 7th you will no longer be able to create new standalone Pitches. Since we released the Pitch Module in Huddles a few months ago you can now roll out new Pitches in this new format.

Now, when attempting to create a Pitch, you will be presented with the option to create a Huddle with a Pitch Module, this will create a Huddle with a Pitch Module pre-populated. You can add additional modules to supplement your Pitch.

Note: All functionality for existing standalone Pitches still exists, with this release we’re just removing the ability to create new standalone Pitches.

Thanks for reading! We’re already hard at work building more features and functionality for our next release. Please reach out to if you have any feedback or questions.

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