SalesHood Release – October 2018

Welcome to SalesHood’s October release!

For this release, we focused on improving our performance and scalability throughout the platform. Here are some changes you will see:

  1. Faster page load times across the main functional areas of the platform
  2. More immediate responses to user action on the platform, including calculation of metrics, progress, and completion stats
  3. Optimizations in our backend for handling larger programs (Huddles, Pitches, and Paths)

We also made updates to our system and infrastructure to increase the stability and reliability of the platform, especially when it comes to scaling along with the growth of our customers.

This month we also made great strides in building out Enhanced Reporting in the SalesHood platform. This implementation is not yet complete, but the features you can expect are:
  • Custom Report and Query Builder: Allows users to edit any report or create new reports from scratch with any of the data/metrics from SalesHood or Salesforce, include the ability to filter/segment/group by any criteria
  • Save Report Functionality: Ability to save newly created/modified reports for easy repeatable access
  • Visualizations: ability to graph data based on the data structure create and customize based on chart type
  • Dashboard: ability to save report views (tables or graphs) to a dashboard view
This functionality is set to be released in the mid Q4 2018 timeframe.


We have already started working on the next release, stay tuned for more updates soon! If you have any feedback or questions please email



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