SalesHood Release – September 2018

Welcome to SalesHood’s September release, we are pleased to introduce an improved homepage, improvements to Search, an much more. Please email us at with any questions.

Homepage Updates

On September 4th we totally revamped the SalesHood homepage to minimize clutter and show you only the information you need. The homepage is now simpler and streamlined, including the following changes:

  • Status Bar: The top of your homepage now shows you the last place you left off in your Huddles, Pitches, and Learning Paths. Think of it as a bookmark that allows you to easily jump right back into the last program you were working on.

  • Merging To Dos and Learning Paths: The new To Do section will now show you all the programs you’re assigned to and working on, regardless of type. The section sorts content by due date so you can stay on top of what you have due next.

  • Pinned: Same great functionality, new layout. Coaches, Publishers, and Managers can pin programs to the homepage to make sure they’re highly visible to the organization. This is a great way to surface and showcase Open Huddles and Pitches that anyone can participate in.

  • Trending Videos: Same great functionality, new layout. Feature Pinned videos and those that have been viewed the most over the past 7 days – surface best practices for your organization and teams. Also, easily filter to just see trending videos from your team. Finally, videos posted by Coaches and Managers will appear at the top of the trending video feed.

Check out our article describing the new homepage and sort logic in greater detail HERE! These updates are also available on the SalesHood mobile app.


Search Improvements

We’ve focused on making our search capabilities more useful and powerful. Improvements include:

  • Search results based on user roles – no more showing results you may not have access to.
  • Adding search operator capabilities – search using AND, OR, quotation operators and more.
  • Unifying search across the app – removing hidden logic so you see the same results regardless of where you’re searching from.
  • Ability to search by Category name.
  • Adding additional filtering mechanisms so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.
  • Better labeling so you can tell where content is housed in the library and what Huddles, Pitches, and Learning Paths content is being utilized in.

Other changes geared to help you find what you’re looking for quickly and intuitively.


Module Notifications

SalesHood is all about collaboration – sharing best practices, providing feedback for your peers, and actively coaching your teams. We’ve implemented simple notifications to alert Huddle participants when there are new activities in Huddle Modules. Now you can easily see where to jump in and add comments, grade tests, or provide feedback.


Additional UX Improvements:

  • Ability to delete Modules after publishing a Huddle
  • Making all titles editable in-line
  • More intuitive navigation between modules in Huddles
  • Save state for “Filter My Team” options within the platform
  • Allow recurring huddles to be scheduled on a monthly cadence 


We have already started working on the next release, stay tuned for more updates soon. If you have any feedback or questions please email

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