SalesHood Release – June 2018

Welcome to our June release for SalesHood, we are pleased to introduce a new Team Dashboard, SharePoint integration and more. Please email us at with any questions.

Team Dashboard

Being a manager within SalesHood just got easier with a new dashboard that surfaces how your team is doing, what they are working on and who needs attention. This dashboard displays your team, all assigned programs of your team, and only appears for manager and coach roles with a team.

Quick tip: The team dashboard is the default homepage for managers within SalesHood and if you need to return to the original homepage simply select the “Back to My ToDos” button.

Team View

A common question for managers is: How is my team doing? With the team dashboard, you can now answer that by seeing overall team stats, individual leaderboard (by progress), and general individual stats. Each section (called a widget) of the dashboard serves a different purpose for answering that question.

Team Completion Widget

The team completion widget displays the overall team stats for each program type. Here you can see how your team is doing on each program type with overall % and the number of complete/incomplete programs.

Leaderboard Widget

The leaderboard widget displays who on your team is getting their assigned programs done and who isn’t. You can sort the progress and assigned columns to see who has the least or most work to complete.

How is your team doing Widget

The how is your team doing widget displays at a high-level how many assigned, overdue, upcoming (due soon), and completed programs each team individual has. This notifies you on which individual needs attention to reduce time spent hunting SalesHood for completion. Also, each column is sortable to find least to most overdue, upcoming, and completed individuals.

Quick tip: Interested to learn more about a specific person? Simply search and select an individual on the left roster or select a name in a widget to view their information.

Individual View

Now that you know how your team is doing and who needs attention, let’s review an individual to answer: Why does X need my attention? With the individual view, you can dive deeper into which program is overdue, upcoming (due soon), and completed. By selecting a program, you can also link directly to that program to review.

Individual Completion Widget

This widget displays % completion for each program type with number of completed/incomplete for this individual. Here you have a quick overview if this individual is getting any assigned programs done and if they need general attention.

Overdue Widget

This widget displays all overdue assigned programs for this individual by least progress. Here you can see exactly why this individual needs attention and go directly to the overdue program to review. Including, the “Days Overdue” and “Progress” columns can be sorted to see least to most progressed/overdue programs.

Upcoming Widget

This widget displays all assigned programs that are due soon for this individual by progress. Here you can see if this individual is getting their non-overdue assigned programs done or if they are falling behind. The “Progress”, “Due Date”, and “Assigned Date” columns can be sorted for further information.

Note: Self-paced learning paths are also displayed even because they have an assigned date, yet not a due date.

Completed Widget

This widget displays all programs the individual has completed, including assigned and non-assigned programs. Here you can easily find recently completed programs and select that program to review.

SharePoint Integration

We are expanding our integrations of the SalesHood Library to include SharePoint. Now you can connect your company sites directly into SalesHood to share folders and files throughout the platform.

Learn more about how to integrate and what functionality is included with SharePoint. Here is a quick list:
1. Import folders and files from multiple sites
2. Background syncing of folders
3. Display SharePoint folders and files in SFDC plugin
4. SharePoint on mobile

Hidden Activities in Huddles

Are you rolling out a sensitive huddle? Maybe it’s HR or security compliance and scores/comments need to be hidden. This release we are introducing new functionality for hosts of huddles to hide all activities from participants. Activities can only be seen by managers, publishers, and coaches in your company while participants just see their activities.

To enable this for your huddle, select the checkbox under “Huddle Options”. You can turn this on or off at any time to hide activities in any huddle type (open or scheduled).

Note: Hidden activities functionality is also on mobile.

Mobile Improvements

This release you can find the following new and improved functionality:

  1. Pitch Recorder improvements
  2. Updated Homepage with ToDos and MyPaths (consistent with web)
  3. SharePoint Folders and Files
  4. Filter my team in huddle exercises

We have already started working on the next release, stay tuned for more updates soon. If you have any feedback or questions please email

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