SalesHood Release – April 2018

We are pleased to introduce a major release for this month including customer requested features and improvements to SalesHood. Please email us at with any questions.

User Experience Improvements

Over the next few months, we’re focused on refining and tailoring the SalesHood experience to for ease of use, navigation and content creation.

Revamped Homepage

We made updates to the SalesHood web application homepage clarifying what to do next, what’s important for the company, and what you’ve completed. We updated the To Do section (previously “Featured”), Completed Items, Learning Paths, Pinned Items, and Popular/Team video feeds (previously “Trending”).

To Do

Previously titled “Featured,” this section shows your assigned Huddles and Pitches, sorted by due date. We moved Pinned items out of this section so there’s no confusing what you have to do next. This section also contains Open Huddles you’ve started but haven’t completed, so you can pick up right where you left off. (NOTE, pinned items you’ve been assigned to will appear here. Once completed, they will live in the new Pinned section, more below).



Behind To Do is a tab containing the Learning Paths, Pitches, and Huddles you have completed, sorted chronologically. This tab also contains past events you’ve hosted (if applicable). Note that both the Completed and To Do tabs are paginated to cut down on clutter.


Learning Paths

We are updating the Learning Paths section of the homepage to make navigation easier and to clearly show you what you have to complete next. First, each Learning Path is collapsable to help you focus on the path you’re currently working on:

Clicking “Show Details” expands the Learning Path to show all of the programs in the Path


Clicking “Hide Details” collapses the Path

Second, by default we show you only Programs you have yet to complete. Check the “Show Completed Events” box to display the complete history of programs in the Learning Path.

Finally, Learning Paths you’re currently hosting are displayed in the “Hosted by Me” tab. If you aren’t hosting any Paths, this tab does not appear (also, if you’re only hosting Paths and not participating in any, the My Paths tab will not appear):


Once you complete a Learning Path it will will live in your Completed tab.


Pinned items are a great way to ensure content is visible across your company and teams. Pinned items work as you’re used to, but have been moved from the former “Featured” section to the right-hand side of the screen. Your list is paginated to help you organize and prioritize your pinned content.


Popular & Team Feeds

The Popular and Team video feeds are a great way to expose best practices. The Popular feed displays your company’s most viewed videos on a 7-day rolling basis so this content never gets stale. The Team video feed shows the same thing but for the people you manage or the peers on your team.


Improved Content Creation

We’re streamlining the process of creating Learning Paths, Huddles, and Pitches in SalesHood. This release, we made the Huddle creation flow simpler and more similar to creating Pitches and Learning Paths.

Content Creation Shortcut

You can now create any type of content from wherever you are in the SalesHood web app. Access “Create Content” from the hamburger menu to initiate any type of content creation from anywhere in the platform.


Improved Huddle Creation

Now, after choosing to create a Huddle from the Library or the Content Creation Shortcut, just enter the name of the Huddle and whether you want it to be open or scheduled (you can change this any time prior to publishing the huddle).

After entering this, you’ll be shown the layout of a huddle as seen by participants. You can edit information and add all module types like you would normally. You can also add supporting documents and change the huddle from Open to Scheduled at any point prior to publishing.

All fields are editable in-line. You can also change the huddle between Opened or Scheduled any time before you publish the huddle. Add modules in this view as well – creating individual modules is the same as it’s always been.

Once you’re happy with your edits, click “Publish” to publish the huddle. Once that huddle event is live, you can add participants and set its schedule (if a scheduled huddle). All unpublished huddles will still be stored in the Huddle Publisher.

Unpublished huddles can be found via the Huddle Publisher, located in the hamburger menu


Company Theme Builder

Have you always wanted your SalesHood experience to be branded with your company colors and logo? You now have that ability with our Company Theme Builder. Select the colors for the in-app experience (both web and mobile) and upload your logo for a branded learning experience.

Want to add branding to your SalesHood experience? Talk to your SalesHood Account Executive to learn more.


Reporting Updates

This release, we’ve updated our User Report to show progress and engagement metrics in a cleaner and more intuitive format for companies and teams.


There’s more!

We are working hard to get even more customer requested features out. Stay tuned by checking back at or email us at

Thanks for reading!

The SalesHood Team

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