SalesHood Release – March 2018

This month, we are pleased to introduce a major release with new features, improvements, and customer requested items to SalesHood. If you have any questions or suggestions about our release, please email us at

Web Recorder for Pitches

One of our most asked features is now available for Pitches! You can now record directly on your desktop for any Pitch. On the “Upload” page of the Pitch, select “Record Video” then click “Allow” to grant microphone and webcam access. That’s it! You can now record for that Pitch.

Note: Web Recorder only works for Chrome and FireFox browsers

Once you grant permissions, you should see yourself in the camera frame. To start recording the pitch, click on the red circle (to the left of the button, you will see the time elapsed for the recording). After clicking the record button, there will be a “3, 2, 1” countdown to prepare you to be recorded.

 Note: Video recording is taken at 720p at a 16:9 ratio.

Clicking on the red circle again will pause the video and show you a few options. “Continue Recording” resumes from where you left off and “Review Recording” will stop the video and send you to a video player of the recording. At any point, you can click on “Cancel” to restart the entire recording. However, you will lose any progress on your current recording.

After clicking on “Review Recording”, you will be redirected to watch the recorded video. Here, you can either upload or re-take the video (*Note* If you re-take the video, you will lose any progress to your current recording). Clicking on “Upload” will send the video to SalesHood as your pitch.

Reports Improvements

In this release, we focused a lot on improving, optimizing, and organizing our reports to be more meaningful and powerful for you.

Test Results Report

For the Test Results report, we built out additional ways to segment data. You can now filter by Test Name, Huddle, and User. In addition, if you run several tests within your company you can search by name or filter by date to see the results from a particular month, quarter, or year. Once you find the results you want, any report can now be easily exported for use.


After you drill down into a test, you can filter by User or Question, which allows you to pinpoint the areas of improvement or achievement of that test. If you have your entire company taking one test, you can now search for a specific user within a test to see their results. Clicking on the user will redirect the page to the person’s answer within the module.

Content report

For the Content report, we focused heavily on making sure the reports were accurate, exportable, and consistent. You will be able to find streamlined reports with additional ways to filter and segment your data.


Test Module Improvements

In response to customer requests, we added two new features to test modules within huddles to make tests more powerful. You can now set prerequisite module(s) and retake limits for any test.

Prerequisite modules for tests

A best practice for huddles is to use tests right after videos or exercises to ensure learnings stick. To create prerequisites for a test, click into the test and select the “Prerequisite Module” box, then select which modules are required for that test in the drop-down.

Prerequisite modules prevent access to a test until all required modules are complete. You can choose any number and type of module as a prerequisite, and even link tests together so they do not become available until another test is complete.

If the person attempts to take the test without completing all prerequisite modules, they will see the following and can click on the next “Not Completed” module to be linked directly to that module.

Note: You cannot set “Optional” modules as a prerequisite for a test.

Retake limits for tests

A common issue Coaches, Publishers, and Managers face is people attempting a test multiple times until they receive a high enough score or the correct answer. Retake limits allow the test creator to set a maximum number of attempts for a test. Once the person reaches the test limit they are blocked from taking the test again.


You can set a retake limit in the “Edit” of a huddle under the “Options” section. Select the “Multiple Attempts” box then “Infinite Attempts” or “Maximum Attempts” and set any number to limit the number of attempts allowed for the test.


Note: Coaches can retake a test any amount of times, no matter the Maximum Attempts number.

Test Name

We optimized the way you name tests by replacing the “Icon Label” and “Module Label” fields with “Test Name”. After reviewing our current test naming structure, we saw that most people kept the default name “Test”, making reporting on test results difficult. We’ve solved this issue by making the “Test Name” a required unique field to make it easier to search for a particular test.



Mobile Improvements

In this release for mobile, we cover the functionality listed above and more! We focused on stability and notification improvements to ensure an engaging experience. Recently, we released the
Story Recorder that allows anyone in your company to create meaningful and dynamic videos about their accomplishments and work.

We also released the ability to search for a person within a pitch on mobile, so it is easier to find the pitch you want to review when on the go.

Select Stories on web

Now you can take the videos recorded from the Story Recorder and add them to any huddle. This allows you to create huddles containing Win Stories, SKO Stories, and much more…all with ease! As a huddle creator, go into “Edit” for a huddle and in a video module select “Existing Video”. In the pop-up, you can now select “Stories” or “Deal Wins” as videos for that video module.


Thank you for being a SalesHood customer! If you have any feature requests please email

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