SalesHood Release Notes – Wednesday 1/10/2018

We are pleased to introduce a major release for this month of customer requested features and improvements to SalesHood. While you are reviewing the updates, please email us at with any questions.

“What do I do next?”

Based on customer feedback, we now make it easier and streamlined for people in SalesHood to know what to do next in a Learning Path. There are three tools to remind, navigate, and instruct people what is next for them to complete.

Status Bar

The Status Bar appears right above the Featured section of your home page and functions to remind people where you left on in a Learning Path. Only participants of a Learning Path will see the Status Bar, so if you are a host, manager, or coach, this will not appear.

In the Status Bar, you can see the progress of the event, which path it is in, and the name/artwork of the event. Clicking anywhere on the bar will direct you to where you left off.

The Status Bar has two states: Start and Continue.

When you first enter SalesHood as a new person, the Status Bar will direct you to start the first event in your first Learning Path listed on the home page. After entering your first event, the Status Bar changes to the Continue state where it displays the most recently accessed event in your Learning Path.

For example, Bob recently started at SalesXYZ and opens SalesHood for the first time. The Status Bar displays “Sales 101 – Start” and he clicks on the bar to enter this event. Bob decides to grab some lunch and closes the SalesHood tab. Upon returning, the Status Bar now says “Sales 101 – Continue your event”, so Bob now knows where he last was. If Bob were to enter another event or path, the Status Bar would update to the most recently accessed event that Bob has entered in his Learning Path.


When you are in an event (huddle or pitch), there is now an added module called the “Mover”. This module helps navigate the person while in the event when it is time to continue to the next incomplete event in the assigned Learning Path. There are two states for the “Mover”:

Completed event

This state occurs when a person completes an event. For example, Bob watches all the required (non-optional) videos within a huddle and once he finishes the last video, the “Mover” automatically becomes highlighted blue and the tooltip displays “Go to next event in your Learning Path.” For a Pitch, this would occur when Bob uploads a file into the event.

Incomplete event

This state occurs when a person has not completed the event. However, they can click on the “Mover” at any time to view the next incomplete event in the assigned Learning Path.


After clicking on the “Mover”, this tool appears to instruct people on the next incomplete event in their assigned Learning Path. The Lightbox is displayed for 10 seconds (unless canceled) to show which event is next in line. When the person completes the last event in their assigned Learning Path, the Lightbox will display the next incomplete event in the following assigned Learning Path.

The Lightbox shows the title of the event, which path it is in, a description (if any), and the artwork of the event. 

When you finish the last event within your Learning Path the Lightbox will display a “Congratulations” banner and instruct you on the next incomplete event in your following Learning Path.

Consistent UI for Huddle, Pitch and Admin timeline

We updated the design of Pitches to match the Huddle and admin timelines within an event to make it consistent and easier to understand.

Admin timeline of a Learning Path

Huddle timeline

Pitch timeline

Ability to mark categories as “private”

If you have a new category that is exclusive to just Coaches or Publishers, you can now make those categories private within your Library. 

Now that the new category is private, only Coaches and Publishers can view content within the category. Also, when a Coach or Publisher searches for the private content, it will display a “Confidential” tag in the search results. 

To make a category private, hover over the category icon and you will see an ellipsis at the top right (see below). Click on the ellipsis and select “Edit” to open the “Edit Category” options.

In “Edit Category” you will now see the “Confidential mode.” Check the box to make this category private then click on “Update” to save.

To know which categories are marked private in your Library, look for the “locked” icon at the bottom of the folder artwork (see below). 

Note: If you have an existing category and it is made private, the participants of those events in the category will be able to view/search for those events. For example, if you have exclusive content for specific people in your company, you can now make that content only visible to those people. To remove people from seeing exclusive content, they will need to be removed as a participant of each event in the category.


In this release, we focused on expanding transcription across the platform to audio files in your Library and Pitches, and also improving statuses of transcribing files.

Tooltips to indicate transcribing status

To help keep you informed about your video’s transcription status, we have added status tooltips onto the transcription icon to notify if the video is complete or not.

Show transcription for audio files

Have audio files in your Library or as Pitches? Now, they are automatically transcribed after being uploaded. To see the transcription, click on the speech icon and the transcription box will open for you.

Audio file in Library

Audio file as a pitch

Various improvements

We are rolling out several customer-requested improvements behind and in front of the hood.

Optional Learning Paths are displayed on “Featured” section

We have updated how Learning Paths with optional events are handled on the homepage.

  • For Learning Paths with only optional events, the Path will be displayed under the Featured tab until all optional events are completed. This path is marked as “Optional” on the homepage.
  • For Learning Paths that have optional and mandatory events, the path will be displayed under the Featured tab until all mandatory events are completed.

Must provide an answer in an exercise before viewing other answers

You can now prevent people from viewing answers of a Huddle’s exercise until they have submitted their own answer. To do this, go into “Edit” of a huddle, select the exercise, mark the box under the “Options” section, and save.

There’s more!

We are working hard to get even more customer requested features out. Stay tuned by checking back at or email us at

Thanks for reading!
SalesHood Team


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