SalesHood Release Notes – Wednesday | 12.06.2017

We are pleased to introduce the following updates and improvements. Let us know what you think by emailing us at

UI Improvements
In this release, we focused on improving our UI to make it easier for people to discover content and understand where they are in the app at all times.

New Navigation Bar with Search
We updated our navigation bar to make it easier to search and discover content. The search bar will now appear in the navigation bar on every page, and when clicked, will show recently visited content.

We’ve made improvements to the overall usability by making sure breadcrumbs are available on every page. Breadcrumbs (Pictured below) serve as a navigational aid, showing a trail of the previous pages visited. This makes it easy for users to understand how they got where they are on the platform. It also allows users to quickly navigate to the previous page. Clicking on a “crumb” within the Breadcrumb trail will redirect you to that page, for example, “Deal Wins” moves you to the deal wins section in your Library.

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)
After launching Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in our last release, we are proud to hear great feedback from our customers on how it streamlines their processes. This month, we focused on improving it even further by updating search results to include ASR of: 

  • Exercise and Test Modules with video
  • Best Practice video of a Pitch Program
  • “Start here” page video of a Learning Path

We also added ASR of uploaded audio files in your library.

Optional Modules in Huddles
You now have the ability to make modules optional. Optional modules will not affect the completion of the overall Huddle. So, if a participant finishes all modules other than the optional one, they will still receive 100% completion.

To make a module optional, check the “Optional Module” checkbox while editing the module.

Add Supporting Documents on overview page
You may now manage Supporting Documents directly from the Huddle Overview page. To add supporting documents, click the “+” symbol to the right of “Supporting Documents” and select the type of document you want to add. After adding the document, it will appear below.

We also added the ability to pin supporting documents to each module in a huddle, select the “Pin” icon, to add the document. You can unpin a document by selecting the “Pin” icon again as this will remove the document from all modules.

No longer want a document in a module? Select the “trash” icon to remove it from the current module. If you remove a pinned document it will be removed in all modules.

Thank you!

We want to hear your feedback about these new features and improvements. Feel free to email us at!

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