SalesHood Release Notes – Wednesday | 11.01.2017

We’re pleased to introduce the following new SalesHood features and improvements to make your organizations more productive and to improve your SalesHood experience.

Standardized Role and Object Names
Roles, labels, and object names are now consistent, simple, and intuitive. The tables below outline the updates:


Current NameNew NameDefinition
PeopleUsersAnyone with a login
IndividualNo changeIndividual contributor
ManagerNo changeSales team manager
Content PublisherPublisherMarketing professionals, Content creators, and anyone else responsible for distributing SalesHood Programs
Productivity CoachCoachSales Enablement professionals, or anyone else responsible for building company-wide SalesHood Programs
ParticipantAny user who has been assigned to or contributed to a SalesHood Program
TeamNo changeIndividuals working under a Supervisor
Management rolesSupervisorNew term to describe all managerial roles: Manager, Publisher, Coach


Current NameNew NameDefinition
ProgramInteractive content created in SalesHood, such as Huddles, Pitches, Exercises, Tests, Learning Paths, etc
ContentFileStatic content uploaded into SalesHood, such as videos, documents, etc.
HuddleNo change
CertificationPitchAn activity in which participants must upload video to be reviewed by managers and peers. Ex: Elevator Pitch, Video over Slides Presentation
Deal WinNo change
StoryRefers to a Pitch, Deal Win, or other video presentations
Learning PathNo changeUse Path as an abbreviation if necessary in navigational elements
External EventNo change
EventScheduled item in a Learning Path
CertificateA new concept to represent that a Program has been completed and passed review
AttributeTag GroupCategories labeled for the purpose of filtering search results. Ex: Industry, Vertical, etc.
ValueTagChoices within each Tag Group. For example, Tags within the Tag Group ‘Industry’ may be Tech, Medical, Agriculture, etc.

Video/Audio Transcription & Search
With Video/Audio Transcription, SalesHood transcribes all video and audio into text. The transcription of voice/audio into text makes key points searchable, accelerating the discovery and learning process for users. We transcribe all video types (Deal Wins, Pitches, Huddle videos, video files, etc.) uploaded by all users (Publishers, Coaches, Managers, Individuals).

For example, if you want to learn about how your colleagues handle competition discussions, search all video content where the keyword “competition” is mentioned and skip to the exact segment(s) of each video that keyword is mentioned using the transcription window. See the photo below for an overview of how it works:

Using the Transcription Window, quickly and easily skip to each segment where your keyword is mentioned. Timestamps display the transcribed text, with your keyword highlighted in yellow. By clicking the timestamp, the video skips to the corresponding video segment.

Learning Path visibility for Hosts on web and mobile
Learning Path Hosts monitor learning paths without leaving the Home Page on web and mobile. The Learning Path is displayed on the Featured tab, broken down into sections, with an at-a-glance view of completion percentage among Learning Path Participants.  

Ability to designate certain huddle modules as optional
Modules in a huddle are sometime relevant but not necessary for all participants. Huddle hosts can designate certain modules as optional. If participants don’t finish optional modules, it won’t be reflected in their completion percentage.

UI Improvements
The Admin and Reports page will have a much cleaner experience. Column headers will float on the screen as you scroll down the page, allowing for painless visibility into Learning Path statistics. We also made aesthetic improvements to our exercise modules making them more inviting and engaging.

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