SalesHood 9.3.0 Release Notes

We’re pleased to release SalesHood web version 9.3.0.  SalesHood is updated bi-weekly – please stay up to date by visiting our support portal (


  1. “Content” now inclusive of files, huddles, certifications and learning paths
    • SalesHood training packages now renamed to “Huddles.”
  2. “Filter My Team” set as default for Managers and Reps
  3. Web and Mobile homepage stats update


“Content” renamed to “Huddle.”

With the improvement to SalesHood’s content management, SalesHood content is now inclusive of files, supporting documents, huddles, certifications, and learning paths.

The term “Content” in SalesHood is renamed (reverted) to “Huddles.”

A SalesHood huddle is a way for a group of people to get together to participate in training exercises, watch videos, brainstorm or take knowledge checks.

It is inclusive of:

  • Video modules
  • Exercise modules
  • SCORM modules
  • Test modules

Filter My Team

Are you a manager and only want to see your rep’s progress and responses in assigned training exercises?  Are you a rep assigned to a training huddle and only want to see how your managers or teammates have responded?

Filter “View: My Team” to follow the progress of your team members.

Huddle Start Here Activity page: Filter to only track your rep’s and team member’s progress.


Huddle exercise modules: Filter to only see your rep’s or team member’s responses.


*For managers and reps, the Filter My Team is on by default. 

**If your role is Productivity Coach or Content Publishers, is NOT on by default.

Use Case:

The Filter My Team is useful for managers and reps to track their own team’s progress.  The feature will help filter out the noise of visibility to progress and submissions from other participants.  It will also help Productivity Coach, and Content Publishers consolidate their training programs.

As opposed to scheduling multiple huddles then adding the manager’s team as participants, consider only scheduling one huddle.  Within it, add all the teams that need to participate in the training exercise.  As the facilitator of the training exercise, you have a consolidated location to track all the progress, not to mention, there’s only one URL to send out.  And of course, it’s a focused experience for managers and reps – they’ll only see progress and exercise submissions from their reps and team members.


Web and Mobile Homepage Stats


Track progress and updates that matter:

  1. Notification icon – The notification icon will show up on the top left of a huddle when there is a new submission by any participants.  For certifications, the notification icon will indicate a new video is uploaded.
  2. Done banner – Completed huddles and certifications will remain in the homepage with a “Done” banner to differentiate which content is completed.
  3. Click to watch – one click access to begin or continue with the exercise modules.
  4. Progress report – track how much have of the entire training huddles have been completed.

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