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Currently, an Open Huddle cannot be converted into a Scheduled Huddle and vice versa. However, before the Huddle is Published for the first time, its Type can be changed from the Huddle Overview page.

When a Huddle is cloned, the Type of the new cloned Huddle can be changed before it is Published.

Every time a new Scheduled Huddle is created, its copy is generated in the form of a Huddle Template which can be used to create multiple Scheduled Huddles.

The Huddle Event on the other hand is the actual Scheduled Huddle created from within the Template and accessible to the participants.

If you’re a Coach in your instance, you can change the Team of the user by assigning them a different Primary Manager, the user will automatically get assigned to the Team of their New Manager.

The user’s Primary Manager can be changed from the User Interface.
To know more about User's Team, please reach the article for changing the user’s team.

In the SalesHood platform, a Learning Path refers to the structured curriculum containing Huddles and Files for the participants to complete. A Learning Path Host can place and organize the Learning Path content as well as measure the participant’s aggregate completion.

A Coach, Publisher and a Manager can create a Learning Path by clicking on the "+" sign on the Top-right and selecting Learning Path.
To learn more about Learning Path, please read the article "What is a Learning Path?"

SkillsHood is nothing but just a separate domain for the instance. Instead of SalesHood domain, the user sees the SkillsHood domain when accessing the SalesHood webapp.

Whether do display the SkillsHood domain or SalesHood domain depends on what marketer your company is using.

Within Saleshood, you are given the ability to choose a Learning Path's due date. There are currently 3 types of Learning Path due date options to chose from:

1) Self Paced: A participant can complete a Path at their own pace with no due date assigned

2) Dynamic: A user's due date is automatically calculated based on the date they are added as a participant to a Path and a determined set number of days/weeks

3) Scheduled: Select a single due date that all participants will have regardless of when they were added to the path

For more information please click here.

In the SalesHood platform, there are 4 types of Roles: Individual, Manager, Coach, Publisher.

You can check your role by clicking on the Hamburger icon in the Navigation menu and clicking User Profile, your Role will be displayed under your Profile.

To learn more about each role, please review our Knowledge Base article “How are the User Roles defined?

Both the Published and Unpublished Learning Paths can be found in the respective Library Category they are placed into.

Clicking on the Paths from the Global Navigation Menu on the Left will display all the Published and Unpublished Learning Paths including the Category and Path status.

The Coach and Publisher users can view all the Paths. The Managers can view only the Paths created by themselves and the ones they’re a part of. The Individual users can view only the Paths they’re added to.

After you’ve successfully Recorded or Uploaded your Pitch in the Pitch Module, you can share you Pitch with other users across the instance by simply clicking on the “Share my Pitch” button.

You can select the user you would like to share you Pitch with and click on the Share button. The selected users will receive an email notification on your Pitch Share and upon clicking the link they will be able to review your shared Pitch.

Yes, the Coach/Publisher/Manager users can upload the files into the SalesHood library from the external sources Box, Google Drive, SharePoint, DropBox, and Shufflrr Presentations.

Whether in the Library or Library Category, clicking on the +Add new button and selecting the source, you can copy over the content over from an external source to SalesHood library.

You can also add a URL redirecting to a webpage by clicking on the +Add new button and selecting Link. You can place the link in any Category you want.

You can stop receiving the Notifications email by clicking on the Hamburger icon in the Navigation Menu and clicking on the Company Settings.

From the Company Settings, access the Notifications section and unselect the options for which you would not like to receive the notification reminders.

If you do not see a "Share my Pitch" button in your Pitch, this means the Huddle creator/Host has selected the Activities only visible to Managers, Publishers and Coaches option.

When this option is enabled, the participants are not able to Share their Pitch and it is only viewable to the company Coach/Publisher/Participant’s Manager.

A Huddle is a compilation of learning tools designed to facilitate in-organization learning. In a Huddle a user can complete different modules in the form of Video, Pitch, Exercise, Test put together. A Learning Path is a systematic curriculum containing multiple Huddles and Files placed in an organized way. It allows a Coach and Manager to measure aggregate completion of assigned participants under one program.

At this time, the GIF format is not supported in the SalesHood platform. More information on the Supported File Types & Size can be found in the Knowledge Base article.

Awarding a Badge is subject to completion of the pre-requisite program(s) If the program(s) has a Badge associated with it, upon successfully completing that program(s), a Badge will be awarded to you. The awarded Badge will be available in your User Profile under Badge section. Clicking on the Badge will also give you an option to share your Badge over LinkedIn.

A Coach and Publisher user can remove the Groups assigned to a Learning Path and Huddle. A Manager can only remove the Groups from a program that is created by them. From the Program Overview, clicking on the Delete icon beside the Group will let the entire Group and its members remove from that program.

The Learning Path reminder is basically an email notification sent out to the participants who have not completed their assignments. The Learning Path Host or Coach can enable the Reminder and set the frequency from the Admin tab.

Depending on the frequency set, the participants will receive the email notification for the Learning Path at 4 AM PST.

A Coach/Publisher or the Huddle Creator can enable the “Allow participants to keep their pitch private” optionin the Pitch Module.

When this option is turned ON, the users can toggle the button “Keep my pitch private” underneath their uploaded Pitch which converts their Pitch to Private. This will let their Pitch not visible to other participants.

The Coaches, Publishers, the Host of the Huddle, and the participant’s Managers can view the participants Pitch even if set as Private.

The Archived Huddles added within the Learning Path are not accessible to any users.

The Coach/Publishers/Managers can view the Archived Huddles from the Library. The Individual users cannot view the Open or Scheduled Archived Huddles from the library or by accessing the URL.  

The Archived Huddles also cannot be displayed in the search bar.